January 19, 2017

Heaven for Angels and Freebie!

January's Pickle Barrel is open and the orange in the palette inspired me to create something cute and fun for all kids in the world. Heaven for Angels is full of everyday elements, but also some Christmas and Winter's are included.

I hope you'll enjoy the photo clipping masks too. I had so much fun by painting them and our 5 year old lady Lara was very pleased with all black mess around, so she joined me! Watch out for more stamps and scribbles from "Our Lara and Lara's Digi World studio" lol.

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This is your free with purchase goodie, when you purchase all 6 January Pickle Barrel packs.

layout by Pepette

layout by Kama

Bonus Template

I'm in love with the template Natalie of Tiramisu Design provided this month. It's yours completely free by spending any $12.

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Today, I have 2 journal cards freebie for you. They were created with the Heaven for Angels 6-pack. Just click image to download and enjoy. 

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January 17, 2017

Pickle Barrel changes

It's a New Year and Pickle Barrel now starts on a New Day!

Mark the 3rd Tuesday of each month on your calendar so you don't miss it!

January 14, 2017

Winter Wonderland is live and beautiful!

“I wonder if the snow loves the trees and fields, that it kisses them so gently? And then it covers them up snug, you know, with a white quilt; and perhaps it says, "Go to sleep, darlings, till the summer comes again.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

Available only at Digital Scrapbooking Studio for this special introductory price $1 for each pack.

December 31, 2016

Happy New Year!

I'm wishing you and your families a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings and joys in the coming year.

December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas and Christmas sales!

Thank you for being around in 2016 year, for every connection with me, for any email or simple thank you!

It means a lot to me, to know I have friends around the world, who appreciate what I do and design. Thank you for being with me and I hope I see you around in 2017 too!

I hope all your Christmas dreams and wishes will come true! Merry Christmas!

Aaand enjoy Christmas Sales!

December 24th - 50% off
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December 16, 2016

December Pickle Barrel is Open!

The Pickle Barrel is Open at Pickleberrypop and it's your chance to create your own collection, each pack is for $1 only!

December 15, 2016

Closing store sale 60-65% off

Gotta Pixel sadly closes its door Jan 1, 2017. You have 2 weeks left to shop and download freebies Lara's Digi World offers there.

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Merry Christmas everyone!

December 14, 2016

Sneak Peak and a chance to win!

Here is a sneak peak of Lara's Digi World's new collection, which is coming out Dec 16! Can you guess the name?

Leave a comment under this post and you can win all 6+1 packs. The winner will be announced Saturday morning CET, when I get up :)

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November 23, 2016

Cozy Fall Collection

"Fall colors are funny. They're so bright and intense and beautiful. It's like nature is trying to fill you up with color, to saturate you so you can stockpile it before winter turns everything muted and dreary." – Siobhan Vivian, Same Difference

Inspirational layout by Kama

Inspirational layout by Jacqueline

Inspirational layout by Nibylandia