November 26, 2015

Pickleberrypop Black Friday Early Bird Sale

Pickleberrypop is kicking out BLACK FRIDAY SALE, with an EARLY BIRD BONUS. SAVE 40% in our shop (some exclusions apply) PLUS get an extra 10% discount on orders of $10 or more through Friday, Nov. 27 ONLY! 

November 22, 2015

Color Inspiration

Photo Credit: Lara's Digi World

Hex colors: b89c7d, bc8e58, f4a052, 504e4d, 9a9586

November 17, 2015

Sneak Peek + Name it to Win it!

I almost finished my new winter themed collection and I'm stuck with a name. I need your help, so here comes the game! Name it to Win it!

Leave me a comment in this post and suggest a name I should use for the collection. Once the collection will be released, I reward the winner of chosen name with whole new collection!

Lets see what you all come up with!

Thank you for reading!
Lara's Digi World

November 15, 2015

Color Inspiration

Photo credit: Lara's Digi World

Hex colors: ff8748, e9e1ca, a27b53, dba65a, 87a755

November 8, 2015

Color Inspiration

Photo credit: Lara's Digi World

Hex colors: 539897, 9b9375, c89168, 64b668, f6d343

November 6, 2015

Creative Team Call

Yaaay, Pickleberrypop is having CT call. Come appy and you'll have a chance to play with my designs for free! The call ends November 10, 2015!